Tutorials and how-tos

Here I will collect links to all my posts which are tutorials or how-tos in the widest sense. These are pages people might still find useful long after they diesappeared in the depths of the archives, so I’m trying to make them easy to find.

My new page all about needleweaving has links to my multipart tutorial about weaving on improvised looms, my stuff about needleweaving as an embroidery technique and lots of useful external links.

Proper tutorials about all kinds of things
Layering fabric with painted bondaweb
how to prepare corn cop leaves for use in fiber art

Stitch descriptions

An asymmetrical variant of algerian eye stitch
Casalguidi Stitch
Cable stitch in surface embroidery

Stitches for finishing edges
Drawn thread hem stitch used for doing a hem on aida
Nun’s Stitch used for securing the edges on coarse fabric
Beaded Fringe

Chain stitch variants
a German variant of chain stitch
Reverse Chain Stitch
Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch
Heavy Chain Stitch
Feathered Chain Stitch
Woven Feathered Chain Stitch
Woven and Buttonholed Feathered Chain Stitch
Rope Stitch (stacked twisted chain stitch)

A new variation of the rice stitch

Satin Stitch Variants
several stitches based on combining satin stitches
Variant parisian stitch, another satin stitch variant

Herringbone Variants
Filling with a woven look done with herringbone stitches
A strange new herringbone stitch variant

Buttonhole Stitch variants
Knotted detatched buttonhole stitch
Stacked Buttonhole Wheels
Whipped Buttonhole Wheels
Woven Buttonhole Wheels

Fly Stitch Variants
Roman Stitch (stacked fly stitch)
Connected Fly Stitch
Wipped Connected Fly Stitch
Beaded Fly Stitch

Sorbello Stitch and Variants
Sorbello stitch – how to work it to and fro
connected sorbello stitch
stacked sorbello stitch
false sorbello stitch

Postings which are not exactly tutorials, but do contain tips about how to do things
A simple way to do embroideries on polyester organza and similar fabric
Using different threads for works wich are meant to be heatgunned
How to trap bulky things between layers of thin fabric using some fusible web
How to use an iron-on pattern pencil – and how rather not
Monoprinting with acrylics and gel medium on paper


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