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The Next Sampler Section

Here is a section of my tast challenge sampler. It is the last part I have so far, and finished, I think. Other postings will follow that show a few details and explain a few things.

At Germany we have a heat wave with temperatures up to 40 degree celsius, this is almost too much even for me, although I love heat. Work is also extra busy because I’ll be on vacation soon. I hope I’ll still manage to do a few post-worthy things.


Sorbello Stitch II

I played with sorbello stitch a lot on my sampler and want to share more of my experiences than a simple look at the sorbello section of my tast sampler will show.

Sorbello stitch as cross stitch surrogate

Firstly, I found an interesting blog post. At Vijis Craft There is a posting about using sorbello stitch in chicken scratch instead of cross stitches. An interesting idea that is probably worth trying, thank you Viji!

Generally Sorbello stitch can be used as a fancy replacement for cross stitch. To do this, make sure your stitches are exactly square and use a yarn that is covering the groud well. This is good for small and simple designs. Another thing that I still need to try is combining it with regular cross stitch.

Working sorbello stitch to and fro

Sorbello stitch has a direction, for an orderly look you need to carry the yarn back to the start on the wrong side and always work all stitches in a piece in the same direction, execpt when you consciously play with the difference.
When you have to do many rows this will get annoying. Here I show you a way to work it to and fro.

Sorry the bad oictures, they were taken on the train. I hope you still get how the stitch is done.

This is how the classical sorbello stitch is done:

And this is the reverse one for the back rows:

New TAST II Stitches

This is the next part of my TAST II sampler. It shows buttonholed herringbone and lots of sorbello stitch. Of course, a lot of knot stitches and a chain stitch variant sneaked in.

Yesterday, we had a wild sky. These are neither photoshopped nor done with the sunset program of the camera.

TAST2 – Three more stitches

So I’m back. Maybe I will post some pics as a prove sometime this week.
Well, I did do some stitching, this is the section of my sampler showing knotted loop stitch, portugese border stitch and knotted buttonhole stitch together with a few other knotted stitches.

Procrastination and TAST 2

Now I’ve spent my time choosing and configuring a new theme instead of whipping up a proper blog post. Me bad.

Also, I’m behind with Sharon B’s challenge, which has barely begun. Here are a few pics of what little I did for it.

Here I just practiced knotted diamond stitch.

Next, I worked it over satin stitches, this was not too successful because it doesn’t hold them down very good.

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