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Stitch Sunday 10 – Heavy Chain Stitch

Yet another Stitch Sunday. As promised, this Stitch Sunday shows another chain stitch variant. It is based on reverse chain stitch.

It can be used for wide, decorative lines. Do not space the chain links too closely.

Start with a little tack down stitch, and form the first chain link just like in reverse chain stitch.



Next, work jet another, of course bigger chain link into the tacking stitch.



The next chain stitch link is worked into the chain stitch before the last.


The rest of the line is worked the same. Work reverse chain stitches, always hanging the next chain link in the the one before the last.




TAST 118 – Beaded Buttonhole Stitch

So I’m doing it again – posting a section from the middle of an unfinished sampler. It is about the current TAST stitch,beaded buttonhole stitch. I just wanted to post something current, even when I’m behind with the rest. Somehow, stitching is more fun than typing postings.

I never really liked to work with beads, it went too slow, was too much bling, and so on, and so forth…
Now, this TAST challenge stitch simply does not leave the alternative to do it non-beaded, so I try.


The green row in the middle are short buttonhole stitches with beads. The mud-coloured bands above and below the buttonhole stitches are laced chain stitch. Since Sumptuous surfaces, I’m toying with different line stitches. However, this one is almost too fat for a line stitch.

TAST – Chain Stitch

I missed chevron stitch and detatched chain stitch because my sampler went missing and I couldn’t quite bring myself to start a new one. So I found the old one again – under the sofa. Can you spell freudian slip?

I’m still not too happy about the background but challenges are about challenging oneself right? So I stitched on.

This time’s TAST stitch is chain stitch. Chain stitch is a a stitch I’m using a lot, but it doesn’t really inspire me. I use it as a plain filling stitch or line stitch, you do need Those either.

TAST – Detatched Chain Stitch

This week’s TAST is chain stitch.es I’m showing an old sample again. Don’t have as much time for this as I would like. Just enjoy the eye candy.


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