Stitch Sunday Inspiration: Whipped Connected Fly Stitch

Earlier this week, I introduced spaced connected fly stitches used to depict plants. Like I wrote before, the mid line of such a plant sprig can be whipped to make it more pronounced.

First, do a prig of connected fly stitches. If you want to depict a plant, pay attention to start it neatly and give it an organic form. Avoid making it too regular.


Next, whip the mid line like you would a row of back stitches. Always run the needle under the stitches from the same side so the thread goes over the midline stitches.


Behold the finished twig.


Wordless Wednesday – Ivy


Sampler 5 -The Next Part

For the lack of other content, I’m showing the next part of the last strip sampler I finished, the 5th one in my collection. You have seen this part before, I think, when I talked about those TAST stitches. The first pattern strip is beaded feathered chain stitch, in this case the chain part was beaded. The last band is also beaded feathered chain stitch with the chain part beaded, only worked closer together. In between, there is beaded buttonhole stitch.

The thick lines are a form of interlaced chain stitch, which will be featured in stitch sunday soonish.

Usually I am not big on beading, but there were a few TAST stitches that left me no choice, and I have to say I did enjoy it and will probably use beads some more on the next samplers.

For all the previous sections of this sampler, click here.


Stitch Sunday 9 – Connected Fly Stitches

Last stitch sunday, we have seen fly stitch with beads. Fly stitch is fun with or without beads, but the question about stitches is, what to do with them? Fly stitches can be worked one below the other to form a plant like structure. i actually prefer this kind of thing over fern stitch for most applications, because the fly stitches look somewhat more organic.

As an additional tip, to give a more pronounced look to the twig, you can whip or lace the middle line made by the fly stitch tack down stitches like you would do with back stitches. I have no pictures for that right now, sorry.





Wordless Wednesday – Find the Frog



Back Home

I am back home, trying to adjust to normal life again. I have been at summer breeze, a metal festival for roughly 35000 people, tuesday to sunday :-) and enjoyed it so much. For me this is the best way to just stop worrying and have some serious fun. I’m still so happy, and busy telling my intestines they are supposed to consume real food, not canned ravioli, beer and energy drinks. You will read more about the festival in due course, but may be not right here. I have another week off work, and I will do some stitching and take a few pics more appropriate for this blog ;-)

heavy metal

Stitch Sunday – Break

It is summer, at my day job things are insane because too many are on vacation, and I am busy packing for my own vacation. Also, there still seem to be no real takers for my challenge. So this week and the next will be break weeks. It is too hot to stitch anyway, and the most creative thing I did this week was a big glass of ice coffee. I will continue the challenge when I’m back, promised.



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