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Boredom and a Camera

On my way home I missed the tube by half a minute, and had to wait for the next one about ten mins. I alleviated my boredom by fiddling with my camera. It is amazing what you see when you really look. I find these structures fascinating, will probably get back to them next time I do something describing stones.





The needleweaving tutorial? Next instalment sometime on saturday, I promise. There was so much interest in it that I decided to improve it before posting.


the fascination of pattern

When I needed something mindless to do on the commute this week I started knitting little things in order to make a dent into my stash of socks wool leftovers. When I was bored in class I doodled multicolour knitting patterns to use later. I wasn’t really planning to publish them,, then I saw the postings on pattern by Jowynn (gold embroidery) and Elizabeth (pattern darning) , and thought that my doodles might be a useful addition to a discussion, although they are nowhere near as great as the work of those two.

I’m also quite sure that any possible combination of knitting stitches has been done before, thinking them up was fun nevertheless. The little crosses are supposed to be the colour of the background, the green and blue parts additional colours. But of course they also can be done the other way round.

The last picture shows a pattern that was so simple I didn’t write it down.

knitting patterns 1

knitting patterns 2

knitted pattern

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