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TAST 111 – Zig Zag Coral Stitch 2

Zig zag coral stitch was a TAST stitch some time ago. I just realized I did not post my last sample of it.

My first tryouts of it are here.

It is a wild tangle of stitches with no rhyme or reason, in different yarns. I wanted to see weather I can do something other with it than decorative bands. it does not look too bad, but in the end it is just a wild tangle of threads. Probably I will get back to this stitch one day, but not now. Not all stitches are equally inspiring.

By the way, I’m trying to tidy my blog a bit more, give good tags to things and such. I created a page that links to all my TAST stitches, well, the few I’ve done.



TAST 111 – Knotted Zigzac Coral Stitch

Here comes the next TAST stitch –knotted zigzac corals stitch. Did you notice how this is another twisted chain stitch variant, similar to the last stitch, rope stitch?

It is amazing how a few rather simple stitches and knots form the myriads of different embroidery stitches.

This stitch was completely new to me, but I liked it. It offers a lot of variety for decorative bands. However, I see less possibilities for realistic stitched pictures.



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