Stitch Sunday 14 – Rope Stitch

OK, strictly speaking, this is not a new stitch, since it is done just like twisted chain stitch. but it looks dramatically different and is called a different stitch in all stitch dictionaries that describe it.

Start with doing one ordinary twisted chain stitch. The spike should be only only to four threads away from the line on which you insert the needle. For the next stitch, start the stitch just next to the place where you started the first one. Do that until you are satisfied with the length of the part that sticks out. These threads should completely cover the rest of the stich to form a smooth, ropelike structure. Now go on, but leave the same stretch between the beginning of two stitches as you go forward with the needle between stitches. When you are getting near to the end of a row, make your stitches ever shorter until you end with a normal twisted chain stitch. This stitch can as well be seen as a form of self-padding satin stitch.




I think you have already seen the next pic, but it shows two rows of rope stitch nicely, above and below the wild fly stitches.



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