Satin stitch progress

My Satin stitch sample makes slow but steady progress. Here is another scan. The thing is supposed to be a tin bucket when it’s ready. I have been using variant parisian stitch in four shades of grey and a shade of mud brown for the dirt spots. I used 6 strands of cotton embroidery floss on hardanger fabric. In order to get enough coverage and sheen, I separate the strands, let them untangle and combine them again before starting to work. I also make shure to use the thread going with the grain not against it. As you see, this isn’t perfect anyway, took me some time to get the rhythm, but it was less difficult than drawing the stitches on paper. I made the shading up as I went, next time I’ll have to plan that better.

satin stitch progress

here is a description of the satin stitch variant I used. The numbers show the succession of the work: The needle braught to the surface at 1 and then is piercing the fabric in the order the numbers indicate. Note that you should pierce holes which already have thread in them from the front side to make shure you don’t pierce threads.variant parisian stitch


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