Cross Stitch Mini Sampler

Sorry for my long absence, I was so busy at my day job. For almost mindless stitching, I added a cross stitch section to one of my sampler bands.
The cross stitch alphabets came from an old DMC publication, which you can download here.
The rest of the design just happened, the back stitch letters are my own.
SK are my real life initials. The saying, two lines of a song by The Tremeloes was, at that moment, about all the things you experience when working with people.

The piece was stitched on an almost evenweave dress linen, about 26 threads/13 crosses per inch using 2 strands of Anchor floss for the cross stitches and #12 pearl cotton by DMC for the back stitching.

By the way, I think it is funny how much you read about cross stitch in embroidery blogs recently. Are these the beginnings of a trend or something?


2 responses to “Cross Stitch Mini Sampler

  • Annet

    Such a pretty sampler! Cross stitch is very relaxing, you don’t have to think what to stitch next if you follow a pattern. And thank you for mentioning my blog in the comments at Needle ‘n thread!

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  • Tenar

    Thank you Annet! It was in part your blog that made me do cross stitch, because I found randjes per week via your blog. I’ll post my efforts on that when I get round to it. So, thank you!


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