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Another needleweaving finish

I actuallly managed to finish something! It was done using black crochet yarn and standard 6stranded cotton floss.

It was woven on the same cardboard loom as my last finished woven item. Sadly, it came out somewhat distorted, probably I should sting the frame once more and keep trying. As you can see, I’ve stayed with the desert sun theme. I guess now I’m ready to write the last installment of my weaving tutorial series.


needlefelting on knitted background

I saw this fuzzy polyester /poliamide mix wool for a greatly reduced price, and decided felting on knitted background might be fun thing to try. The orange stuff is plastic organza, the turquoise and mustard coloured stripes are wool rovings. It turned out surprisingly well. It will probably be the background for some tast stitch. After that experience, I went back to the shop to buy enough wool for a pullover, only in blue-white. I’m hoping to do some felting on the pullover too, but I’m still experimenting with creating a washable piece like this. I got so exited that I knitted the whole back of the pullover in one day, and that put quite a strain on my hands. I’ll have to go easy about it for a few days, which might even be a good thing because then I’ll get some stitching for tast done.

needlefelting on knitted background

TAST10 Barred chain stitch

New week, new sampler for tast. This time it was barred chain stitch, including alternating barred chain stitch.

I still felt uninspired. Also, this stitch was completely new to me, in German embroidery books even twisted chain stitch, which forms one part of this stitch, is done slightly differently. So because I couldn’t seem to think up enough variations for a regular sampler I decided to do something figurative. There was this lunar eclipse, that seemed like a good topic.

The reddish knitting yarn that forms the moon was felted down in a spiral with some beige wool roving, the rest is all barred chain stitch. Most of it is done in that thin wool yarn that you use to strengthen the heels and tips when knitting socks. That is the closest thing to wool embroidery yarn I’m able to obtain locally, and I like to work with it very much. I don’t think I’m entirely done with this one, but it already looks OK and shows you can get away with any odd stitch on such pictures.


fly stitch background, and other tast progress

Now, the next two stitches would have been algerian eyelet and feather stitch. For both, i made plans, prepared backgrounds and collected materials. All this took way too long, so although i had caught up with the January stitches by now I was getting behind again and decided to do the current stitch, which was fly, and continue with those two later.

The most notable event of the fly stitch week was the caipirinha party a friend gave for her birthday, so it was going to be about that. For the background, I wanted to do some hand needlefelting on a batist background, using stuff from my thread leftover bag, and attach a bit of green jute band at the bottom. But the felting went like a lesson how not to needle felt, so it took more than 30 hours to do what you see and i got behind again. So, there’s not a single fly stitch on this one yet.

fly stitch background

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