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tif 2 – yarn colours

One more post about Sharon’s take it further challenge. Several people have posted DMC colour numbers, and they did not agree. For lack of time and energy, I didn’t go to a big store in a big city but to a local one wich has only a limited selection of coats mez floss. I didn’t even have a printout with me because I don’t have a colour printer, so my colours are just a rough guess. not a bad fit imho, but the two light blues are not as dull as the ones in the colour scheme. They were the most dull blues that shop had.

By the way, I can’t quite decide if the light blues are diluted indigo as I stated in my last posting about the tif colours or more greyish. the light beige is certainly no diluted version of the darker one as I assumed earlier for the sake of simplicity. It has much more red in it. I guess I’ll go back to experimenting with paint some more.

I made some progress on the desert embroidery, but not enough to make me scan and post it again.




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