Obviously, Tenar is not my real name. Sorry for that, but I don’t want my real name show up in google too much. I work in a sort of public position, get in tough with all kinds of people there, and have no desire to be followed around by some of them online. Otherwise I would have no objections to tell my name. Well, I’m female, born 1972, from Germany. I have enjoyed needlework since elementary school, and decided a few years ago to take it to more creative levels. I also have been a hobby painter since my teen years.

All text and pictures here are either copyrighted by me, or used with explicit permission of the copyright owner. Any use by third parties is forbidden, exept when something else is explicitly stated in a blog posting. If you want to use my stuff for anything, just ask. I don’t bite, and may very well say yes.

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7 responses to “About

  • sandie


    I would like to use your image (sisal – green) on my Family Studies Fashion and Creative Arts webpage. I am just beginning to change it, and I want to include pieces that get students to think outside of the box when they think of fibre art. Your piece is stunning.

    Would you be willing? If so,please let me know what should be written, etc.

    Thanks so much

    Sandie Coppinger
    St. Catharines Collegiate
    St. Catharines, ON Canada


  • tenar72

    Hi Sandie,
    Which image do you mean? The one in the upper left corner of the blog is not mine, it is a free design by wordpress.com. I would love to say yes to your request, but please let me know what picture you want to use first, and if possible a link to your web project.


  • Kate

    I have been searching for such a long time, through many books and stores, to find inspiration to take my own embroidery projects to another level. Your site is an emporium, and I am totally blown away. thank you for publishing this material on the internet, and not keeping it to yourself! Though you may find it odd – I am an architecture student, and I find everything about painting and embroidery inspirational – the therapeutic properties, the aesthetic result, and the resulting physical remnants. Just fantastic.

    Thanks again


  • tenar72

    Thank you, Kate! Try looking at the blogs on my blogroll, you’ll find tons of good stuff there. There are many crafters out there who are so much more experienced than me.


  • Barbara

    Tag, Tenar!
    Looking at my inbox with a view to clearing it out I see with shame that there is a comment from you i have not responded to. I am so sorry, especially as you were kind enought to tag me! I must have left it for a while to think about nd then not gone back to it. The questions are interesting, but I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment so don’t think i am going to be able to do it. Thank you for the compliment! Alles Gute! Barbara


  • worksofhands

    Hallo! Ich bin Vincent, 31 jahre alt, wohne in Berlin. Bist Du zufällig auch Mitglied der Deutsche Stickgilde e.V.?
    Ich mag Deine Webseite. Es ist schön mehr Sticker in Deutschland, der bloggt.
    Bis bald wieder,


  • Geli

    Tolle Seite! Ich hab mir noch nicht alles angesehen, aber die Fotos und die Stickerein sind echt cool! Grüße, Geli 🙂


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