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Sketch and Knitting

I just keep doing what I do…

This time, I’m knitting no socks but a fingerless mitts/scharf set. The are “Merletto” pattern from The scharf is an improvised bias knit triangle with the merletto pattern. Maybe more on that when it’s finished. I want something that keeps me warm but is not looking like i’m wrapping myself for deepest winter.

Last weekend would have been sketch crawl. I had family visiting and was exhausted from a hard week at work, so I didn’t make it there. I did a little sketch anyway. It is a charcoal sketch illuminated with watercolours. I realized again how much I love natural chacoal. I will have to do more of that.


My Weekend two Weeks ago

Two weeks ago, we had a long weekend at Germany thanks to the Day of German Unity being a monday. I did so much I didn’t get to write postings about it.

Saturday, I was to a metal concert. Still without a camera, I can’t offer pretty pics. The headliner were Suicidal Angels, a thrash metal band from Greece. Loved them.

The real heros of the night were Red to Gray, a Bavarian thrash band that’s ten years old but never made it to financial greatness. Which is totally undeserved. They played powerfull and agressive yet unbelievably tight. I especially loved the complex rhythms and frequent rhythm changes.

The second band on the stage were Running Death, a local metal band. I’m not sure if they want to be death or thrash, they are young, but they sure have potential.

The opener were Decomposed Existence, a death metal band from greece. I like death either really, really evil or with a dash of melody and they were neither, but they know how to make music, so there, too, is potential for improvement. Also, I had a nice chat with the singer later that evening.

By the way, I have a new digital cam by now, and another concert ticket for mid november, so watch this space….

Saturday I was completely floored, I was in bed most of the day. In the afternoon, I dragged myself out of the door to do this; it is a little woodland pond in the woods near us.

Monday, I took my mum on a little hiking trip near Reutte/Tirol. It was a wonderful warm day, the last real summer day this year. The lake Urisee looked really romantic this day as you can see.


Last weekend I have been painting a little in my sketchbook. Enjoy.

Yes, the next one shows tomatoes….

The marigolds have gotten too cold once already-

29th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

So there was a sketchcrawl again. We met at Nymphenburg Palace, but it was raining and very cold, and on my way there i stept onto something that made a hole in my shoe. So we went indoors in a little museum that has carriages and porcelain.

The first one is a pencil sketch of some metal ornament on a carriage.

That was another ornament on another carriage. It is unfinished, because they didn’t allow us to return to that part of the museum after leaving it for lunch.

We had a nice lunch with lots of chat in a little french restaurant. After that we went to the porcelain department of the museum. There I painted three bird statuettes made from porcellain.

The first one is a peacock. the pentel waterbrush I own really has changed sketching for me. Now I can do watercolour sketches almost as easiely as pencil ones.

A guinea fowl made of porcelain. I love their sleightly stylised forms and lovely colours. I figured out that I find it annoying to work without black in my paintbox. As you see here, I can mix grey without it, but it takes too much time and produces a mess on the little palette.

The last one was another peacock. I was in a hurry because everybody else wanted to leave. The form is not that good but I like its colours.

Sketching, Stitching, Crocheting

So sorry I neclected my blog. My cold was still lingering, and heaps of stuff to do at work. I always was so exhausted after work. I don’t like staring at a computer or doing too detailed embroidery with sore eyes. Now I’m really better and regular blogging and crafting will hopefully resume.

First I show a little sketch done outdoors, It shows, well, corn, and a little pointless doodling with colour. I call it “the colours of corn”.

Second is a little sneak peak at some crochet I did on the commute. I’ll show more of it after hiding the loose ends, washing and blocking.

Last, another sneak peak at some embroidery I currently work on.

Sketchcrawl of July

I feel better, but still sort of worn out. So I take the chance to post some more stuff I didn’t get round to before my vacation. There was another sketchcrawl in july. We went to Olympia Park, the weather was very sunny and hot.

I tried to sketch this duck, but when I got to filling in the colours I ran out of bread crumbs and it waddled away.

Next I tried my luck with some geese, they were not as likely to run but the things they can do with their long necks defied my sketching abillities.

There was a little funfair in place, and I went on to sketch the ferris weel – again no success, it looks like something done at kindergarden. Too many moving parts and complex perspectives for me.

The last sketch os a part of Fernsehturm (TV broadcasting tower). Like always with buildings, I miscalculated its size so it didn’t fit my paper, otherwise I’m content with this one.

I finished the day with a delicious thai lunch from one of the food stalls at the fun fair, the others continued but I had to leave to prepare a few things for my upcoming vacation. It was a great day with my sketching buddies, although my results are less than stellar.

Pinus strobus sketch

What the title says. Again done on a short break while inline skating. I do feel I’m getting better.

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