Stitch Sunday 1 – Stacked Buttonhole Wheel

So here is the first part of my Stitch Sunday Challenge, stacked buttonhole wheel. I know buttonhole wheel is an old favorite, but I was asked about variants of it on my sampler so I decided this would be the starting point. Stacked buttonhole wheel is simply buttonhole wheels worked over each other.

If you want to join me in this, just try it out, post it on your blog, flickr or where ever else, and leave a comment with a link here. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

First thing, work a buttonhole wheel as usual.

stacked buttonhole wheel

stacked buttohole wheel

stacked buttonhole wheel

Next, work a smaller buttonhole wheel over it, putting the new spikes over the old ones.

stacked buttonhole wheel

For the outer ring, work buttonhole stitches over the outer border of the first buttonhole wheel.


Now this is the finished result. I probably should have used some contraption to draw proper circles before stitching. Of course, your circles can beas messy or orderly as you want. They don’t even need to be round.


You can use both stacking methods like me or only one, or think up an entirely new one.

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