Stitch Sunday 13 – Beaded Fringe

I know I’m late again – SORRY.
Today is stitch Sunday 13, so I’m continuing beyond the promised 12 stitches. To celebrate this, I show you something special – a quick hack to create a beaded fringe in the middle of a piece of fabric and really have it hang, not stick out.I hoe the pics are not too hard to see, the needle had to be small for this. I am using a small darner not a beading needle because it has a bigger eye, bends less and is still small enough to go through the beads with ease.

First, do a row of chain stitch where the fringe is supposed to be. The chain links should be about as big as one of the beads, may be a bit bigger. Use a nice pearl cotton, not the beading thread. Next, secure the beading thread on the back, I am using variegated quilting cotton and translucent, iridescent seed beads. Bring the needle to the front side just left and above the first chain link. Slide the needle under the first chain link and pull through.


Next, put the desired number of beads onto the thread.


to form the fringe, put the needle back through the beads exept the last one and slide it under the same chain link as before without piercing the fabric.


At last, slide the needle under the next chain link going from top to bottom, like in step 1, repeat.

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