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Blogroll additions and other web finds

My Inet connection is kinda shaky today, it won’t let me upload pictures. So I’m contending myself with showing other people’s work. The blogs I’m introducing are all a bit on the poetic side, fall is always putting me in that mood. But I do read them year round.

Susan Lenz is a professional textile artist, her blog Art in Stitches is incredibly full of eye candy and wise words. Recently she has been on an organized artist’s residency program and produced many, many wonderful works. An absolute must see.

Another blog I love reading these days is Changeling things. It is about embroidery both modern and traditional, knitting and other crafts. The artist also has a very inspirational way of writing ab out her work, and many of her postings make people think and diskuss, so the comments are worth reading, too.

The writer of gerdiary only reveals about herself that she is German and female, her blog is a kind of literary diary. It features her own needlework (mainly quiling) and inspirational photographs, often together with a poem (by some professional author) that fits her mood. The main language is English, the occasional German texts are offered in translation either. It’s the ideal read for idle autumn hours.

Karen Ruane’s blog, Contemporary Embroidery, is all about her needlework. She has a very unique approach to embroidery, combining traditional whitework techniques with quilting, recycling used fabrics and a throghly modern aproach to presentation and topics of her work. She is inspireing me on so many levels.

There are two other links to things that caught my attention this week. I’m aware that these two don’t need promotion, but I loved them so much that I want to share them.

At the blog of colourlovers.com there’s a posting about Leaf Art which is either pictures made from dried leaves or miniature paintings done on dried leaves. I especially love the brown-in-brown japanese leaf paintings. Besides that, the colourlovers blog is a bit commercial, but it does often have useful or just beautiful content for those interested in design and any visual arts.

The last one is also a blog, but not a fiber art one. Urban Sketchers is a joint venture from many professional or semi-professional artists displaying their urban sketches. It really makes me want to go buy a moleskine or somesuch.


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