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What I Did this Week – Chicken Scratch

Well, What the title says. Hard week at work and such, so this was all I did on the commute this week. Maybe the weekend will be better.




Progress with the Chicken Scratch Sampler

Like ever so often these days I’m progressing in baby steps. I did some more chicken scratch, getting bolder this time about changing it. I tried spiral trellis stitch, the new stitch explorer challenge, but I did something wrong and will try again before I have results to show.


I also made some progress with my linocut plate, but I’m far from done. I even haven’t done a tryout pront because I’m not happy with it yet anyway.


If you haven’t done so already, please check out Sharon’s roundup of the chicken scratch results and the stitch explorer flickr group. IIt is amazing how much you can learn from all these creative people.
Also, a big fat thank you to every participant, you all are a true inspiration!

Chicken Scratch – This Week’s Progress

This week, I kept stitching my chicken scratch sampler, this is what I got done. I know, it is not much, it was a hard week ath work


After this and the troubles at work I went to a fabric shop with end of winter special sale. This is what I brought home, they are all expensive wool or wool/silk costume fabrics which feel so great. I probably won’t find time to use them this months but I chicken scratch really made me think about grids so I will use them some day. I know my stash will be getting out of control if I continue like this, but at least I contended myself with 60 cm of each instead of going for full meters.


Stitch Explorer 1 – Chicken Scratch

It has started: Sharon B’s new challenge stitch explorer. We are supposed to explore an embroidery style or embroidery stitch every month. The first challenge is chicken scratch.
Well, this style of embroidery is completely new to me so I decided to explore the basics before pushing the limits. I’m not sure what gingham fabric is supposed to look like other than the weaving pattern, the one I got is thin cotton usable for shirts, the squares are 0,5 cm side length. Maybe I should have gotten one with bigger squares but I was not sure about long stitches on flimsy fabric.
I’m going to continue on this fabric for a bit, and get more fancy in little steps.


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