Stitch Sunday 3 – Whipped Buttonhole Wheel

There is another way to fill buttonhole wheels – whipping them. Let’s have a look.

For each of these, first a buttonhole wheel is done. It doesn’t matter if the number of spokes is even or uneven because the whipping thread is wrapped around every spoke when whipping. For each of these variants, you come up with the whipping thread in the middle hole and work from there to the outer rim of the wheels.

The first buttonhole wheel is whipped so that the thread is wrapped around the spokes so that they show as ribs. Work as shown, go round and round until the buttonhole is filled.

whipped buttonhole wheel

For the next wheel, you basically work stem stitches around the spokes. as you go round the wheel like this, the needle points to the inner side of the wheel, coming out between the working thread and the rounds alredady worked.


Those two wheels, finished.


The next wheel was done the same way, with a pearl cotton #12. As you see, it doesn’t look much different from a woven wheel. So best use a thick, soft thread for this.


There is jet another way to whip buttonhole wheels. Again, work stem stitches over the spokes, but this time with the needle pointing to the outer side or the wheel, away from the rounds you have already done. ss5-210615

This makes wonderful little roses.


Next week, there will be a stitch which has nothing to do with wheels or buttonhole stitches, or roses for that matter. Promised.


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