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TAST 1 2015

Sharon Bogon has started her take a stitch tuesday challenge at stitch one again. I don’t think I will take part regularly, with my own challenge on the go ans such, but I have to celebrate this so I post a fly stitch piece I did some time again when I considered re-doing TAST on my own. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody else’s Work.

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Sampler, Part 4

Now here is the fourth posting about my current sampler, which is the fifth one I started. Here you can read a bit about my sampler project. By clicking here or on the sampler5 tag on any post belonging to it, you can see all the posts about this sampler. In this piece, I show flowers made from detatched chain variations. Especially whipped long tail chain and beaded long tail chain which were TAST stitches. The  lines below the flowers are variants of feathered chain stitches, they are either used to couch another thread or whipped. piece of a sampler

Sampler, Part 3

OK, I guess the text of these posts gets boring, but I have no idea how to make that un-boring (is this even a word?)

So here we go. This section shows some more TAST stitches, buttonhole wheel cup, and some other buttonhole wheel variant, namely whipped and woven buttonhole wheels.

The last row is my take on beaded feathered chain stitch.


TAST 110 – Rope Stitch

As already told, I had a fresh go at TAST by Sharonthe last three weeks. Here is the actual stitch – rope stitch.

This is a variant of twisted chain stitch, but it looks a bit like an extra-fat stem stitch and is usually used in the same way. this stitch was truly new to me and it took a few trials to get used to. At the beginning of my sample, I just did lines of the stitch in all threads I had spontaneously availiable. Then I stitched the little twig and leaf motif, where I used this stitch as a line stitch for the twig and a fillig stitch for the upper part of the leaf. Sorry the motif is not perfect, I did not draw it beforehand.

I enjoyed this stitch, especially as a line stitch. As a filling stitch, I found it hard to keep even and well aligned wit previous rows. I think I prefer stem stitch for that, which gives a very similar look.


TAST – Whipped Wheel

This week’s TAST is whipped wheel. Of course I have done this before. As old inspiration, I show you a little tutorial. I’ve taken the pics for it long ago, but never got round to writing up the tutorial. This is a good time to do it.

For another old example, look at my gallery, and Waiting for Spring

Also look at whipped and woven wheels on glued jute fiber.

But now to the tutorial. This is how I do padded whipped wheels when I’m on the commute and have no padding material availiable. You could do the same by stacking felt, that would be less expensive but would probably take longer than this method.

First, draw a circle as big as you want the stuffed woven wheel, then smaller circles inside that. I space them about 1mm apart, or 2-3 on rough material like this.

Now, fill the smallest circle with satin stitches going round and round like a spider web. They will pile up.

Do the same with all circles exept the outmost one.

Next, do the spiderweel you will actually whip. For this one, use the outmost circle as guidance. When you are done come out with the needle in the middle of the wheel and start whipping.

This diagram shows how to do the spiderwheel.

This shows how the whipping is done. If it’s not clear enough, look at regular whipped wheel in a stitch dictionary.

And now look at a cool shot of the finished thing, showing the dimensional effect.

tast26 – Half chevron stitch

So it’s halfway through the challenge, I can’t belive how fast time is racing. I enjoyed it very much until now, and have decided to make another attempt to post somewhat in time. half chevron stitch was another new one, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it and I still haven’t finished many of the older pieces, so all I can offer here is a doodling cloth with a few lines of it. There is also an organza strip couched with buttonhole stitch and two rows of crossed buttonhole stitch. I do like this stitch and will probably doodle with it some more.

half chevron stitch doodle 1

The two rows of back-to-back half chevron stitch were wipped over in the middle. Here, I’m showing how since that is not easy to see in the finished piece. This is another stitch that offers endless possibillities for wipping and lacing.
half chevron stitch doodle

tast 21 – Crossed buttonhole stitch

OK, here is my stab at crossed buttonhole stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge.

I liked this stitch very much and will use it again. Did you notice it’s similarity to the Bonnet stitch?

Now what’s the title of this? I won’t tell you that right now, or the story behind it. My mother and my brother claimed not to know what this picture is supposed to show, and uttered the wildest speculations about what it might be. Can you recognice it? Or is it really that bad? I’m not shure if it is entirely done, but it is at least 95% and I need a break from it, so I post it.

Crossed buttonhole stitch

TAST4 Cretan stitch

Another sampler for take a stitch tuesday

This piece really is the fault of all the people with their embelisher machines. I saw what they did, took out my hand needle felting equipment and tried what i can do. The ground fabric is polyester fleece you use for jackets and sweaters.

This stich was new to me and I had problems with it, especially because i had to work stab action on the thick fleece and my book didn’t tell me how to do that. Then i realized that it is in fact only cleverly placed buttonhole stitches. One of its German names is even “alternating buttonhole stitch. The rest was a breeze then. I’m not entirely sure if I consider that one done or add my initials and a date somewhere.

tast sampler cretan stitch

TAST2 buttonhole stitch

This is another posting about take a stitch tuesday. Buttonhole stitch is an old favourite, so it wasn’t difficult. I just didn’t have much time for it after fiddling with the herring bone stitch so long, so i only have a few fragments.

wide border in laced buttonhole overlaid with herringbone stitch

This is a border design. Two rows of buttonhole stitch were laced with knitting yarn in herringbone fashion, then the knitting yarn was tied down with a small row of herringbone in silver thread.

flowers and leaves made of buttonhole stitch

This one shows different leaves and flowers. The most left leaf is padded buttonhole, that means under the buttonhole stitches there are multible layers of satin stitches. The small upper leaf at the left flower is made of buttonhole stitches pointing in alternating directions. This is often counted as a separate stitch, called fishbone stitch. The other leaves are just different arrangements of plain buttonhole stitch.

Doing buttonholes on the green jute scrim band was a challenge because buttonhole stitches pull the loose material too much. It only worked because the buttonhole wheels on this only worked because they are padded either.


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