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TAST 20 -Butterfly Chain Stitch

er another old TAST stitch, butterfly chain. Did you notice how it is basically another twisted chain variant?

At the beginning, I did it wrong, trying to make it a normal chain variant. Then I learned and explored its usefulness for formal bands. During the first few rows I tried it as a regular chain stitch variant.


Then, I tried to do it in a more random way. I was not entirely convinced. But this did get my imagination going. how about doing this as bark of a tree?


The next sample was about as random, only I used wool thread that gives a good coverage for most of the ground stitches. I like this much better, although the first random version is probably better for bark.



TAST – Barred Chain Stitch

This week’s TAST stitch is barred chain stitch and alternating barred chain stitch.
got to know this stitch during the first TAST and use it a lot for ragged lines.

This week I mostly spent gardening. Spring is slowly arriving here, the bushes are still bare, and I spent a lot of the time cutting the bushes in my garden to shape. So I stidtche some bushes. I’m not sure if I’m leaving this section as is or add some more, but I wanted to post something in time this time round.

TAST – running stitch

This week’s TAST stitch is running stitch. The easiest stitch of them all, and maybe the one with the most possible variations.

Others have posted long explanations about the running stitch embroidery traditions of various cultures, do go to Sharon’s blog and look at the postings of all those people. I show old stuff again, but this time lots of it. A sorry to those who know my blog and know these pics. Life is keeping me busy these days.

The fist shows a modern variation of kantha stitching. Kantha is an Indian form of stitching, it consists of many running stitches, sometimes used similar to quilting. Here the stitching was done over painted bondaweb between cotton and poly organza.


The next is a sample of pattern darning as used in european embroidery. It is also called diaper stitching because it was sometimes used to hold the layers of diapers together to give them enough volume for their purpose.

pattern darning

The next one shows a piece made mostly from manmade fabric and thread, stitched kantha like and then treated with a heat gun. The two links go to postings about this piece with more information.
<a href="https://tenar72.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/another-melting-experiment-with-panne-velvetand-lutradur/"melting experiment with lutradur
detail pics of the same project

my brick wall embroidery

TAST – Couching

So this week’s TAST was couching.

This is a stitch or group of stitches that is so versatile that I was at a loss what to do. You can couch almost anything using almost any stitch.

What I did here is probably better called laid work. Or nue is done the same way just with gold thread and silk. If you use different colours and patterns for the couching stitches it is called new england laid work.

-the next one shows – from left to right – oriental couching, bokhara couching and figure stitch.

Sorry I had no time to be more verbose today.

TAST – Chain Stitch

I missed chevron stitch and detatched chain stitch because my sampler went missing and I couldn’t quite bring myself to start a new one. So I found the old one again – under the sofa. Can you spell freudian slip?

I’m still not too happy about the background but challenges are about challenging oneself right? So I stitched on.

This time’s TAST stitch is chain stitch. Chain stitch is a a stitch I’m using a lot, but it doesn’t really inspire me. I use it as a plain filling stitch or line stitch, you do need Those either.

TAST: Chevron Stitch

This week’s TAST stitch is

chevron stitch


I did do herringbone stitch, just no time for posting. Just in case it pans out the same this week, I show you my almost finished chevron stitch piece from last TAST.

Mind the top- I used chevron stitch as a drawn thread stitch here (for securing the edges) and waffle stitch, which is very similar to chevron stitch.

TAST 12 – Cretan Stitch

So this week’s TAST stitch is cretan stitch.
Since my sold sampler is full, I started a new one on the next band-like thing I found that doesn’t need prep work before I can begin. I’m not sure about it at all. I added some browns to the color scheme to coordinate it with the first one and keep it from looking saccharine.

This was my cretan stitch sampler for the first TAST challenge. I can’t decide if I’m calling it done or add some more.

Some more Buttonhole Stitch and Feather Stitch

Oh my, it’s only the 4th week of TAST and I’m already behind. Well, here is some more buttonhole stitch, and my efforts on feather stitch.

Also, those are almost the last sections of my band sampler. I only have a little space left to add a date.



The heart is detatched buttonhole filling.


TAST5 chevron stitch

OK, this is yet anothersampler done for take a stitch tuesday , Sharon B’s embroidery challenge. This time, it’s chevron stitch . I knew this stitch before, but didn’t particularly enjoy it and never used it creatively.

On the one hand, I couldn’t think of anything to do with it exept a somewhat traditional band sampler, on the other hand I didn’t feel like doing one because I don’t really enjoy counted work ( exept when it gives me opportunity to draw threads out and do lacy stuff). So I tried to show my disgust in the colour sheme. It turned out way too nice imho. The countable fabric is a leftover from an abandoned crochet project, the rest is random scraps attached with needlefelting and crochet.

The drawn thread border at the top is from a German needlework brochure. I don’t think chevron stitch works particularly well as a drawn thread stitch because it tends to loose shape when pulled hard enough to form nice thread bundles.

tast chefron stitch sampler

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