Brick wall and rice stitch variant

Here is, as promised, my progress of the brick wall embroidery. Below that, you see a description of a rice stitch variant which I like because it is producing a less messy backside than regular rice stitch. I know the shading on the brick wall is less than perfect, but it was a practice piece, after all.

Brick wall progress

I’m sorry the stitches are a bit hard to see on the jute background. start with doing cross stitches over 4 fabric threads, or any other even number of threads. Bring the needle with the second thread out at the edge of the sqare filled by a cross stitch one thread (or another appropriate number of threads) apart fom the original cross. Then proceed as shown. Basically, you are working a kind of herringbone stitch in a square, and when closing the square slip the needle under the first stitch to create a perfectly interwoven # shape.

the last pic is slightly enlarged. Oh well, maybe it would look still better when I’m careful to do all #s exactly in the same direction.
Please let me know if the pictures and directions are not clear enough. Somehow, wordpress won’t do what I want it to do. So if you want to see a 50% enlarged version of the stitch instructions, load the picture down by clicking on it with the right mouse button and look at it in any viewer.

rice stitch variant


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