Stitch Invention by Stupidity

So I saw a herring bone stitch variant used as filling stitch at Quieter Moments. Elizabeth had provided instructions, but I found them rather vague and struggled a bit.

First thing do a row of herringbone stitch. Start the second row right under the first one, leaving only one thread space between them.

On the upper side of the fabric, you have little change but work the next herringbone stitch on top of the previous row.

Continue like this, always making sure you work the stitch over all existing threads from previous stitches. Four rows done, the last one requires some care to really work over all existing stitches. Make sure you always work to and fro to get that braiding effect, turn the fabric as needed to find a comfortable working position for every row.

After four rows, I was at a loss. I found that I have no change but start a new packet of stacked stitches. For that, start the next row 2 threads under the pevious one and work the stitches at the top under the previous row. Complete the “packet” of four rows like the previous one.

Two rows of the combined stitches finished.

The whole sampler from a distance, to show the overall effect.

What do you say? This doesn’t quite look like Elizabeths’s work? Yeah right, it happened as the title states. They say lazy vacations reduce the IQ, I seem to be a good example for this LOL.

Don’t worry, I have figured out how to do the real stitch by now. I will post detailed instructions on that soon, although it really is so easy that I made a fool of myself already.


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