Stitch Sunday 12 – Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch

This is another beautiful chain stitch variant, and again, it is based on the reverse chain stitch.

Like the name suggests, this stitch originated in Hungary, it was/is used for broad lines especially in ornamental patterns. In general surface embroidery, it can be used wherever a broad, decorative line stitch is required. It is best suited for abstract line designs.

Start by doing a detached chain stitch, the tacking stitch is pointing in the working direction. Next, work a second, bigger detached chain stitch around the first one.




Work another chain stitch. In order to do that, bring the needle to the far end of the chain, then slide the needle under the first chain link without picking up fabric or parts of the second chain link. Sink the needle where it came out.




For the next stitch, again come out with the needle at the new far end of the chain. Slide the needle under the second chain links, make sure it sits on top of the third and you don’t pick up fabric. Finish the chain stitch. keep working like this, always anchoring the last reverse chain link under the second to last chain link.


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