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Boooring Stitchery

So I kept working on the assisi piece on the commute, and on my trellis stitch piece at home. Right now i find all this unbelievably boring and repetitive. Watching my baby steps on these projects is probably boring for you either, but I post them anyway to motivate myself a bit. But it will remain unfinished if I don’t presevere and keep working on it, so I try.

This is how far I got on my rock pool. I added a bit this weekend.

The whole thing from the side, to show the three-domensional effect.

This is the assisi embroidery piece so far:


Spiral Trellis Stitch – What I learned about it

I’m still working on my spiral trellis stitch sampler but slowly, because I want to take photographs of the details. I never thought i would enjoy working stumwork – style that much.

Here are some things I learned:
* If you are using an S-plyed thread, such as regular pearl cotton, work clockwise. With a z-plyed thread, such as many rayons and silks, you should probably work counterclockwise. This way, the thread won’t coil up so much.
* You can build all kinds of shapes with this stitch. I think of it as a process more like crochet or makrame than like normal embroidery
* It is good to take a thread of smaller gauge for the top rows if possible, that saves you some decreasing
* when filling forms much longer than wide just decrease at the short ends, bends or corners, where it makes sense to shape the thing, continue until the two sides meet at the top, then stuff and sew the slit shut.
* when doing big shapes, you can decrease with different frequency at different parts of the form to make it irregular rather than round.

Here I try to show how I filled a triangular form: I always decreased at the corners. I decreased quickly to keep it kind of flat. That made for a good shape and little trouble decreasing, but it shows in the pattern. I don’t really know how to avoid that.



There Will Be Spring

The weather is strange here. The last snow has not jet completely melted here. Last year mid march the blackbirds were already feeding their first brood (not normal either lol), but spring is definitely struggling to come.

I did not only take photographs and began to clean up the garden, I also worked on my rock pool embroidery a bit, including a little design change.






Stitch Explorer – Spiral Trellis Stitch

After some failed attempts I figured out how to do spiral trellis stitch. My idea now is to stitch a rock pool – with actually more rocks than colourful sea life, like I remember them to be at the mediterranean sea. The rocks are stuffed spiral trellis stitch.


A closeup of the rocks

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