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Sweater Progress

Remember the striped sweater I am knitting? Progress has been slow because my day job is a lot of work, but when is it not? Also, I’m reluctant to work on it on the commute because the yarn is a really special hand-dyed 100% Merino and I don’t want to spill my morning coffee on it or something.

Well, the back side is fully done, and so is the part below the armholes because it was knit in the round. Have a look.




Jet Another Sweater

Now that is what I have been doing, This is the sweater I tested for Mona NicLeòid, as you see, the buttons at the neck are still missing and my photographer was less than competent. In real life, the colours are much warmer.

I did a few modifications, for Example I botched one pattern in the front yoke. Also, I mad the neck band wider and introduced decreases to make it lie flat.




Knitting a Sweater…

One of the reasons I don’t get to stitch these days is that I’m knitting like mad. I’ve done socks for a gazillion of people for christmass and tested a few patterns for designers. I did two fingering weight sweaters between Christmass and end of March! So I give in and post about boring knitting when I have nothing else to post about.

Now I’m knitting another fingering weight sweater, 286 stitches in the round this time. This is my own design, or let’s better say no design. I’m curious how it’ll turn out.















Knitting Desaster

The wool for this sweater was on special offer, I bought it almost 4 years ago, and have been working on it on and off for about a year. I couldn’t find a design that fits the bulky, hairy yarn and my petite figure, so I swatched and designed until I thought I knew what to do. Today I finally finished it. I love the colours and the sweater. It took so long because I didn’t want to work on it on the commute, because the yarn is hand-washing only and the pattern complicated.



This is the pattern close up. It is an old pattern, called grape vine, trees (where I live) or print o’ the waves.


The only problem: the sweater doesn’t fit me. At all. That’s what the title of the posting is about. It looks actually worse on me than the photograph suggests. I’m small and skinny, so overly big and bulky sweaters do not exactly look flattering on me.

The stuff is really hairy and has a lot of wool and mohair, frogging it would ruin the yarn. So I’ll probably sell or gift it, although it’s breaking my heart.



I Keep Knitting (despite TAST)

And now that I’m on vacation, I actually find time to photograph and post a few of my knitted things. I’ll show more over the next few days.

This is a little bag I made. It was inspired by seeing the leaf pattern on a cowl I didn’t want to make. I know the thing is lacking a drawstring – I’ll buy some satin band as soon as i get round to it.

I quite like the improvised pattern and may actually write it up for download, but I want some braid between the seed stitches and the rest of the bag. I will have to test knit that before publishing.

the empty bag:

The same, filled with a pack of tarot cards (which is what I knit it for):

Once more, from a weird angle:

And a closeup of the pattern:

Would that be something you might knit?

Sketch and Knitting

I just keep doing what I do…

This time, I’m knitting no socks but a fingerless mitts/scharf set. The are “Merletto” pattern from The scharf is an improvised bias knit triangle with the merletto pattern. Maybe more on that when it’s finished. I want something that keeps me warm but is not looking like i’m wrapping myself for deepest winter.

Last weekend would have been sketch crawl. I had family visiting and was exhausted from a hard week at work, so I didn’t make it there. I did a little sketch anyway. It is a charcoal sketch illuminated with watercolours. I realized again how much I love natural chacoal. I will have to do more of that.

News from sockland

Yes, I’m still busy knitting socks. The first one of my paraphernalia is done. This is a free pattern from with minor modifications. I added the colours because I had wool leftovers to get rid of. I also ignored their toe instructions and did them as I always do them.

I also have started a new project. This one is my own pattern. I’m thinking about preparing this one for public release, but you know how notorically bad I am about seeing such projects through to the end. These days I’m proud of myself if I finish any craft project at all.

I also have been painting a bit this weekend, but that will be for another post.

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