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In Extremo

Between years, I was at a concert of In Extremo. They play metal with a medieval tough. And boy did they play! I’ve seen them many years ago, back then they did more medieval than metal, but this time they were as loud and hard as can be. but still had backpipes.

On another note, I am disappointed with my new camera. Good as it is in good light, it did a lousy job that night. I used ISO 400 fixed and changed between manual mode and image noise suppression mode, and still everything is full of image noise! I have yet to find a small cam which is useful during concerts. Any ideas anyone?

Well, the first band were Nemesea, they were kind of interesting but I so did not like the voice of the singer, and she does not sound better on youtube at all.

Now, there are the pics of the heros of that night!


Critters of the Week

I’ve not got that much new stuff to show, so here are a few pics I took during the last two weeks, dokumenting the creatures I chanced upon.

A rather battered butterfly, maybe that also was the reason why the poor thing ignored me while eating, allowing me closeup photographs. It was tiny, only about 2 cm, the pic is enlarged 2fold.


This is a spider, it was so satisfied with the world that it didn’t bother to eat that other bug.


I met this pidgeon at Munich main station. Isn’t he beautiful?


This dragonfly hatched at the garden pond, we took it inside to dry and learn how to fly so that the sparrows won’t ear it.


The last one is a male bee (I think). I saw it late in the evening, on my way home, so it was cold and slow so that I could photograph it close up.


Boredom and a Camera

On my way home I missed the tube by half a minute, and had to wait for the next one about ten mins. I alleviated my boredom by fiddling with my camera. It is amazing what you see when you really look. I find these structures fascinating, will probably get back to them next time I do something describing stones.





The needleweaving tutorial? Next instalment sometime on saturday, I promise. There was so much interest in it that I decided to improve it before posting.

I’ve Seen ‘Die Toten Hosen’ Life!

Well, for those who don’t know: it’s a German punk band.THE German punk band. They exist since I was a kid and I discovered them sometime in my teens. The memories!

I went to their concert yesterday. It was so great. The crowd was singing almost louder than the band, I didn’t really see much because we were way way behind the last wave breaker. The place was so fully packed, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the front rows. But the atmosphere was the most wonderful I ever experienced at a concert. There were people from about 6 to 60 and everybody was daning, singing and having so much fun. The newspapers write they sold 8300 tickets, and all of them where gone months ago (got mine on the first sale day).

We went there by train, so we went to a club after that, and got home 6 a.m next day. I didn’t get any really good photographs, was too busy dancing and singing, and more far away from the stage than I usually am in smaller halls.

The stage, and a look into the crowds


The support act, ‘The Living End’. More rock than punk, but good enough to make everybody go crazy. Will have to check them out.


Here they are, the heros of that night, Die toten Hosen.


Needleweaving in my Assisi Embroidery

This is a little part of my assisi embroidery. I have used needlewoven bars wildly crossed to add to the general encrusted look. I’m rather pleased with this, and I think it is easier done than tons of french knots and buillon stitches. (although I’m afraid of the latter no more after this piece)


This is a turk’s cap lilly from my garden. They take 5 years from seedling to the first flowers, so I treasure them very much. I like them more than most of the big colourful everyday garden flowers.


Finding Beauty

I love fall, strange as it seems. These days I seem to see beauty everywhere. These shots where taken during some lunch break about three weeks ago, now I finally found time to sort them and shrink some for my blog.





Leaves and Critters

These sights really made my day, the first one for the aesthetics and the second one for cuteness. Maybe you need to be me ( or any nerdy life scientist) to deem such a critter cute, but there you go. Both were captued at train stations on my way home.

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