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TAST 12 – Cretan Stitch

So this week’s TAST stitch is cretan stitch.
Since my sold sampler is full, I started a new one on the next band-like thing I found that doesn’t need prep work before I can begin. I’m not sure about it at all. I added some browns to the color scheme to coordinate it with the first one and keep it from looking saccharine.

This was my cretan stitch sampler for the first TAST challenge. I can’t decide if I’m calling it done or add some more.


TAST4 Cretan stitch

Another sampler for take a stitch tuesday

This piece really is the fault of all the people with their embelisher machines. I saw what they did, took out my hand needle felting equipment and tried what i can do. The ground fabric is polyester fleece you use for jackets and sweaters.

This stich was new to me and I had problems with it, especially because i had to work stab action on the thick fleece and my book didn’t tell me how to do that. Then i realized that it is in fact only cleverly placed buttonhole stitches. One of its German names is even “alternating buttonhole stitch. The rest was a breeze then. I’m not entirely sure if I consider that one done or add my initials and a date somewhere.

tast sampler cretan stitch

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