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sketch for TIF 5

I did a quick sketch about ideas for my tif 5 Project. The thing on the left is my pulled thread tulip, which is done by now. The thing on the right is a crocheted doilie I’m planning to use because it is pink. Sadly, I don’t have as much time for craft as I used to have, and I like to be outdoors in this nice spring weather, so I have to bore you with such sketches to have anything to show at all.

By the way, the ladder hem on my tif 3 sampler is finished. Slow cloth like this and the tulip make my blog stats go down the drain because they look boring for a long time while being a lot of work. Maybe I am too blog stats obsessed.

Have you seen that my blog has two new pages? I’m trying to get more organized. On the project index page I will list posts belonging to one project,so you cann follow the progress of something you like easier. On the tutorials and how-tos opage I will list tutorials in the widest sense, so they won’t disappear in the archives.


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