Tast22 – Satin Stitch

Finally, another update to my blog. The last week’s tast challenge was satin stitch.

Of course, this stitch is a mainstay of embroidery, but for the challenge, I decided to stick with counted variations of satin stitch. After looking through books, and the great website of the American Needlepoint Guild I first drew a few variations. That was both to provide inspiration, and to get into the groove again for counted embroidery. Did I already mention here that I hate everything that requires counting? Oh well, sometimes I have to do it for the sake of the results in embroidery. But doing all these drawings was hard for me and not exactly inspireing, so I haven’t stitched anything yet. But I wanted to show I have done something.

You can click on all the pics in this post to see a large version. I hope they are large enough to see what I’m getting at with them. The different colours are only to make it easier to count/ see, every stitch can be worked monochrome, or in any colour combination you can think of.

First thing I have drawn is a classical hardanger star pattern.
Satin stitch sketches

A few more patterns; description below, and sorry for the random numbering

another satin stitch sketch

1)woven stitches 2)checkered stitches 3)Pattern from Sharon B’s sample 4) Scottish stitch variation 5) Scottish stitch 6) Mosaic stitch 7) Parisian stitch (regular long and short stitch) 8) Hungarian stitch 9) zick zack (called Byzantine stitch when the rows are worked in the same hole as the previous one) 10) Jaquard stitch 11) diagonally woven stitch

jet another satin stitch sketch
1) Milanese stitch 2) Milanese stitch diagonal 3) self-invented zick zack pattern


2 responses to “Tast22 – Satin Stitch

  • neki rivera

    i adore your sketches!! have you thought of stamping them on fabric and using it?

    neki desu


  • tenar72

    Thanks neki! I’m not sure if stamping on fabric would work that well with them, especially since I don’t know how to make good stamps. So I think I will stick with counting this time, I even have an idea for a motif by now, but it will take a while.



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