Another raised stitch – Knotted detatched Buttonhole

Jowynn posted a stitch on her blog she had trouble with, knotted detatched buttonhole stitch. It looked interesting, I found I can do it, so I wrote a step-by-step. It looks complicated, but is not really. The most difficult thing is to keep it even. Sorry for the makeshift photographs, I did it on a doodling cloth, not a special white fabric for better pics.

Therese de Dillmont lists this one under lace stitches (for needlemade lace) and writes it should be worked close, for filling solid areas rather than as openwork ground.

First, surround the area you want to fill with back stitches, exept at the bottom.

To start the first real stitch, do a buttonhole stitch into the first of the foundation backstitches.


should look like this when done.


Now, work another buttonhole stitch arround the lower part of the first one like shown.


Should look like this after pulling the thread through gently. Now pull the little knot taught. I find that works best when you do not only tug at the tread but push against the knot with the nails of thumb and index finger.
Repeat steps 1-3 until the row is finished.


A few finished rows. The pic is there to show how you turn round and anchor the working thread under the foundation backstitches.


This is the first buttonhole stitch of the second row. The stitches are worked the same just in another direction. I find it most comfortable to turn the fabric upside down for the back rows, but then I’m a lefty. Just try to find a comfortable working position.
Make sure you work the same number of stitches in every row if you want to fill a rectangular area. In all other cases, increase or decrease at the ends of the rows as needed.


The finished filling.


Urg, that was a load of pics, I have gone somewhat over the top with the number of steps. I hope this is useful and easy to understand. If not please tell me so.


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