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29th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

So there was a sketchcrawl again. We met at Nymphenburg Palace, but it was raining and very cold, and on my way there i stept onto something that made a hole in my shoe. So we went indoors in a little museum that has carriages and porcelain.

The first one is a pencil sketch of some metal ornament on a carriage.

That was another ornament on another carriage. It is unfinished, because they didn’t allow us to return to that part of the museum after leaving it for lunch.

We had a nice lunch with lots of chat in a little french restaurant. After that we went to the porcelain department of the museum. There I painted three bird statuettes made from porcellain.

The first one is a peacock. the pentel waterbrush I own really has changed sketching for me. Now I can do watercolour sketches almost as easiely as pencil ones.

A guinea fowl made of porcelain. I love their sleightly stylised forms and lovely colours. I figured out that I find it annoying to work without black in my paintbox. As you see here, I can mix grey without it, but it takes too much time and produces a mess on the little palette.

The last one was another peacock. I was in a hurry because everybody else wanted to leave. The form is not that good but I like its colours.


Sketchcrawl, we did it!

So me and two other sketchers met and had a good time. It was the first really warm weekend of the year, so we sketched in a little park, the Hofgarten. After that we went to a little courtyard and continued there but what I did there was too pathetic to show. I so need more practice! We finished the day at a very good tai restaurant. We didn’t get much done because we all had to leave early, but it was a fun day and we hope to repeat that soon.

I know 15th of April will be soon, I should get going on the assisi challenge. I already bought thread if that counts a little bit lol.


I also couldn’t keep my beloved camera in the pocket on this day, but more on that on other occasions. Here are some photographs I took today in the garden, and with those I wish you a happy spring festival, no matter if you call it easter or something else. Celebrate Life!




Recently I read about sketchcrawl. The idea is that people arround the globe meet in their hometown (or where they happen to be at the moment) and sketch. Someone at munich was looking for others to sketch with, so I decided to give it a go. I met Karin, a fellow fiber artist, and we had a wonderful day, although it was bitter cold (arround -7 degree Celsius) and I had forgotten half my things at home. Heck, we even went buying a brush halfway through because I had brought water-soluble wax crayons but no brush!

Well, we met in a cafe at Odeonsplatz, that’s where I did the first two sketches. The coffee pot is wax crayons, the building is done in conte crayons.


On we went to Siegestor to do our only plain air sketch of the day. It was done in charcoal and brown crayon. It was so cold I thought my hands will fall off although I had fingerless cloves on.


After that we went buying a brush and then headed for the next cafe. We ate, talked a lot and sketched the amarylis on the table. The sketch is watersoluble wax crayons, overdrawn with ink pen. Then we decided to call it a day this time and go somewhere indoors for the next sktchcrawl we do.


Well, quick sketches are not exactly my strongest genre, but it was lots of fun. If you happen to read that and live near munich, please check out the sketchcrawl forum and join uns next time round. The more the merrier.

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