Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge 1 – Fly Stitch

So it’s this time of the year again – new beginnings, good intentions, new challenges starting…. I didn’t do any great posting on this because I was first busy celebrating christmass with family drama and the new year with lots of booze and then I was down with a tummy bug big time. Well, I still am, but the show must go on.

So, happy, healthy new year to you all.

And yes, there’s an exciting new challenge on Sharon B’s blog. She’s running Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge again, see Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012 Challenge Information page. Which means, she’ll propose a stitch every tuesday and participants try them out. I answered to the original posting that I’m looking forward to seeing participants work, but won’t take part due to my notorious inabillity to follow up with challenges as required. Obviously, she did not really read those gazillions of replies and added me to the particpants list. So I’ll take this as a good omen and take part. I do love challenges.

So, Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 1 is fly stitch, one of those stitches you cannot really do justice in one week imho. Anyway, I added it to my current sampler, drawing inspirations from the appropriate chapter of Eindhoven’s book. I’ll probably try to do more later this weekend.

The two leaves in this section were knitted for a holiday knit along on ravelry. Beside them, there’s some free form fly stitch.

The next row shows a few ways to combine fly stitches to patterns. The possibilities there are truly endless. The last two variants are from the book, the green ones are tied down with detached chain stitches, this is also called tete de boef stitch, or when connected “pulled-through cable stitch. I’m showing this one here. I did some more with tete de boef stitch on that other sampler, but I just realized I haven’t really photographed that. Maybe I should. the lilac stitches are tied down with bullion stitches.

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