TAST – The Challenge of Sharon Bogon

As many of you have already seen, i recently returned to stitching and my blog after a long hiatus. I decided to use Sharon Bogon’s Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge to structure my efforts to learn new (or old) stitches.

The current round of TAST runs since january 2012 and is ongoing. Look at TAST 12 tag to look at all the post connected to it.

For the benefit of the other participants, I’ll try and link to my efforts here, in one place.

Right now I’m in the middle of an effort to tidy my blog, so please bear with me as I complete the links in this list over the next days or weeks.

If you are looking for links to stitches and have nothing to do with TAST, just click on the name of the stitch in my regular tag list in the right column.

Stitch 1: Fly Stitch
Fly stitch postings

Stitch 2: Buttonhole Stitch
buttonhole stitch postings

Stitch 3: Feather Stitch
feather stitch postings

Stitch 4: Cretan Stitch
cretan stitch postings

Stitch 5: Herringbone Stitch
herringbone stitch postings

Stitch 6: Chevron Stitch
chevron stitch postings

Stitch 7: Detached Chain Stitch
detatched chain stitch postings

Stitch 8: Chain Stitch
chain stitch postings

Stitch 9: Couching
postings about couching

Stitch 10: Running Stitch
postings about running stitch

Stitch 11: Whipped Wheel
postings about whipped wheel stitch

Stitch 12: Barred and Alternating barred chain
postings about barred chain stitch

Stitch 13: Satin Stitch
Stitch 14: Stem Stitch
Stitch 15 : French Knot
Stitch 16: Wheatear stitch
Stitch 17 : Crossed buttonhole
Stitch 18: Half Chevron
Stitch 19: Bullion Knot
Stitch 20: Butterfly Chain
Stitch 21: Knotted Cretan
Stitch 22: Buttonhole Wheel
Stitch 23: Cable Chain Stitch
Stitch 24: Palestrina stitch
Stitch 25: Bonnet stitch
Stitch 26: Up and Down Buttonhole stitch
Stitch 27: Basque stitch
Stitch 28: Oyster Stitch
Stitch 29: Algerian Eye stitch
Stitch 30: Cast on stitch
Stitch 31: Pekinese Stitch
Stitch 32: Linked Double Chain
Stitch 33: Sheaf stitch
Stitch 34: Pistil stitch
Stitch 35: Drizzle stitch
Stitch 36: Knotted buttonhole
Stitch 37: Beaded Hedebo Edge
Stitch 38: Knotted loop stitch
Stitch 39: Italian Border stitch
Stitch 40: Buttonhole Wheel cup
Stitch 41: Closed Base Needlewoven Picot
Stitch 42: Open Base Needlewoven Picot
Stitch 43: Magic Chain
Stitch 44: Portuguese Border Stitch
Stitch 45: Arrow or Arrowhead Stitch
Stitch 46: Buttonhole Eyelet Flower
Stitch 47: Berry stitch
Stitch 48: Knotted Cable Chain stitch
Stitch 49: Knotted Feather Stitch
Stitch 50: Inverted Feather Stitch
Stitch 51: Raised Herringbone band
Stitch 52: Triangular Feather Stitch
Stitch 53: Herringbone square
Stitch 54: Laced Square Herringbone
Stitch 55: Buttonholed Herringbone
Stitch 56: Sailors Stitch
Stitch 57: Sailors edge
Stitch 58: Woven detached chain stitch
Stitch 59: Breton Stitch
Stitch 60: Diamond Stitch
Stitch 61: Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole
Stitch 62: Raised Cross Stitch Flower
Stitch 63: Scroll Stitch
Stitch 64: Top Knotted Buttonhole
Stitch 65: Buttonhole bar
Stitch 66: Coral stitch
Stitch 67: Fancy Hem Stitch
Stitch 68: Slipped Detached Chain Stitch
Stitch 69: Buttonholed Double Chain Stitch
Stitch 70: Crested Chain Stitch
Stitch 71: Bullion Buttonhole stitch
Stitch 72: Wrapped Coral Stitch
Stitch 73: Portuguese Stem Stitch
Stitch 74: Zig Zag Chain stitch
Stitch 75: Woven zig-zag Chain
Stitch 76: Vandyke Stitch
Stitch 77: Woven Cross stitch
Stitch 78: Cloud Filling
Stitch 79: Chained Cross stitch
Stitch 80: Raised Chain V1
Stitch 81: Raised Chain V2
Stitch 82: Spanish Feather Stitch
Stitch 83: Siennese Stitch
Stitch 84: Spiked Knotted Cable Chain
Stitch 85: Raised Cup
Stitch 86: Turkman stitch
Stitch 87: Buttonhole Picot made with bullion knot (version 1)
Stitch 88: Buttonhole Picot made with chain (version 2)
Stitch 89: Twisted Satin Stitch
Stitch 90: Twisted Satin Stitch with a bead
Stitch 91: Straight sided feather stitch
Stitch 92: Crossed feather stitch
Stitch 93: Plaited feather stitch
Stitch 94: Reversed Buttonhole Bar
Stitch 95: Linked Chain stitch
Stitch 96: Beaded Linked Chain stitch
Stitch 97: Shell Chain stitch
Stitch 98: Beaded Shell chain stitch
Stitch 99: Eastern stitch
Stitch 100: Beaded Eastern Stitch
Stitch 101: Triangular Buttonhole
Stitch 102: Beaded Triangular Buttonhole
Stitch 103: Beaded Butterfly chain stitch
Stitch 104: Buttonholed Cable Chain
Stitch 105: Alternating Buttonholed Cable Chain
Stitch 106: Looped Cretan
Stitch 107: Beaded Looped Cretan
Stitch 108: Rice stitch and varieties
Stitch 109: Square Boss Stitch

Stitch 110: Rope stitch
Rope stitch postings

Stitch 111: Zig Zag Coral stitch
Zig zag coral stitch postings

Stitch 112: Feathered Chain Stitch
feathered chain stitch postings

Stitch 113: Beaded feathered chain stitch
Zbeaded feathered chain stitch postings

Stitch 114: Beaded Long Tail Chain
Stitch 115: Whipped Long Tail Chain
Stitch 116: Beaded Vandyke stitch
Stitch 117: Bullion Vandyke stitch

Stitch 118: Beaded Buttonhole Stitch
Beaded Buttonhole stitch postings

Stitch 119: Woven trellis stitch
Stitch 120: Double Herringbone
Stitch 121: Twisted Latice Band
Stitch 122: Chained Bar
Stitch 123: Woven Chained Bar
Stitch 124: Closed Herringbone
Stitch 125: Beaded Herringbone
Stitch 126: Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
Stitch 127: Beaded Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
Stitch 128: Interlaced Up and down buttonhole
Stitch 129: Lock Stitch
Stitch 130: Double Lock Stitch
Stitch 131: Beaded Lock Stitch
Stitch 132: Kikos Flower
Stitch 133: Triple chain
Stitch 134: Fern Stitch
Stitch 135: Beaded Fern stitch
Stitch 136: Knotted Buttonhole band
Stitch 137: Beaded Knotted Buttonhole band


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