Stitch Sunday 7 – Reverse Chain Stitch

I know I am late, and I am sorry, but it is still Sunday after all 😉 .

This week’s stitch is reverse chain stitch. It looks really similar to regular chain stitch so it is not that spectacular. However, in some situations it is easier to do than chain stitch, especially when you try to work it stabbing, not sewing. Also, it is the base stitch for a few interesting variations we might get to some time later.

The principle behind this stitch is that you work the tack down stitch first, then you lace the chain stitch through it and sink the needle again, usually in the hole where it came to the front for the chain stitch. So you get a closed loop held down by either a tacking stitch or the next closed loop, which can be seen as the definition of the chain stitch family. The first chain is then the tack down stitch for the following ones. Except, of course, when you work it detached.

But now to the tutorial. To start a row, first work a little straight stitch as tacking stitch.

reverse chain stitch

Next, bring the needle to the front of your work again where the first chain link is supposed to end.

Slide the needle under the tacking stitch without piercing the ground fabric or the previous stitch. If you have to use a needle with a sharp point on your fabric, slide it under the tacking stitch eye first.


Sink the needle again through the same hole where the thread came out. The first chain link is formed. (Of course you can sink the needle wherever else, making some sort of open chain or twisted chain, just experiment)


bring the needle to the front again where the next chain link is supposed to end. Slide the needle through the last chain link like you slided it through the tacking stitch, sink the needle again into the hole where this chain link ends.


Behold the first two links of your chain! And repeat the last step until you’re done. You can use this stitch as a line stitch or filling stitch just like regular chain stitch.



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