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TAST – Detatched Chain Stitch

This week’s TAST is chain stitch.es I’m showing an old sample again. Don’t have as much time for this as I would like. Just enjoy the eye candy.



TAST3 detached chain stitch

Yes, it’s the yellow-orange-green “it’s spring and i’m uncreative” colour sheme, together with some pink to add to the saccharine sweetness, but i so felt like it. I did this in fact after the cretan stitch piece and was exhilarated that I finally get somehing done.

I was also sick of tendious work, so i did this one on coarse, loose jute scrim. I used various knitting and crochet yarns and nr. 5 and 8 pearl cotton. Of course it still took some time to do, working on coarse material has its own pitfalls. It is intended that two sides are neatly finished and the last one not. The lace at the bottom had to be added to met my size requirement because that piece of scrim was a leftover from something else. I always glue the borders of jute scrim before I start embroidering.

The stitches at the left hand border are so-called pulled-through detatched chain stitch (translation from German). You do a strait stitch, tack it down in the middle with a detached chain stitch, do the next strait stitch right next to it and tack it down with another detatched chain stitch so that the chain stitches appear connected. In the lower right corner and upper border are variations thereof. I simply did cross stitches instead of strait stiches and tacked them down with detatched chain where the half cross stitches meet.

detatched chain stitch sampler

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