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Tutorials and other web finds

I had some time for checking out other people’s blogs and general websurfing, and would like to share a few things I really liked.

Carol-Anne Conway at threads across the web has posted a tutorial about using a sinking needle . This is a special technique from japanese embroidery to pull the ends of heavy couched gold threads through to the backside of the fabric. To me, it looks like it could be useful for any couched work involving bulky, wire-like or otherwise defiant threads or materials.

At My Patchwork of Life there’s a tutorial about crocheting flowers using regular skirt buttons as a base . I haven’t tried it but it looks convincing and useful.

At Magpie’s Mumblings there’s a posting about ironing and heat-gunning several materials. It caught my eyes because I’ve been doing much in that direction lately myself. I appreciate it greatly when people share their experiences in that way, it always gives me new ideas.

At Arlee Barr’s blog There’s a tutorial about making fabric paper. It is two years old, but I just found it via a link in a new post of hers and it is the first online tutorial for this I have seen. Thank you for this one Arlee!

Clyde Olliver has a nice new website which showcases his work nicely. I just wanted to tell you in case you have stopped checking his half-dead blog. Yes I’m a fan.


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