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Stitch Sunday Break and Inspiration

Some people found my stitch challenge just now and are busy figuring out if and how they should take part. In order to give them a fair chance, this week is a break week everyone can use to get ready for stitching or even begin to catch up. Next week, there will be a new stitch. This time, one that is not a feathered chain variant.

But, this posting is also called stitch sunday inspiration. The little embroidery I show you is in fact the next section of sampler 5. I left this space blank and filled it later because it was supposed to be pictorial rather than rows of stitches. You saw how to do the stones before. later I added layers of feathered chain and woven/buttonholed chain.



Stitch Sunday 6 – Woven and Buttonholed Feathered Chain

Last sunday I showed you how to embellish feathered chain stitch by weaving the little leaves.

This makes a quite attractive plant. But, the stem of it is a little flimsy. You can change that by buttonholing over it.

You probably ended the weaving at the top of the plant. Now you wrap the working thread around the stem like you would do wrapped zigzag stitch.



Next, start working buttonhole stitches over the stem. Make sure the buttonhole stitches point to the outside of the zigzac.

woven buttonholed feathered chain

woven buttonholed feathered chain

When you arrive at the leaf, take to the needle to the other side of it so you can again work the buttonhole stitches to the outside.




Stitch Sunday Inspiration – the New Sampler

This is the top section of my new sampler band. There is an example of free form feathered chain stitch. The lavander dots are tiny woven wheels. They are done without padding, do you know the trick to make them stand up like that? Or should I make them a stitch sunday stitch one day?


Stitch Sunday 4 – Feathered Chain Stitch

And it is sunday again. If you want to join me in my stitching adventures, post a link to your sample of this stitch in a comment.

Feathered chain stitch has been part of Sharon Bogon’s TAST challenge, but in a very different version. Today I show the other version, done my way. I have used this stitch a lot to represent real plants rather than as a formal border.

Here is a step by step. I did it without drawing lines, so that an organic shape can form. I’m not sure how to put the process in words without sounding stupid, so I just let the pics speak this time.





feathered chain stitch

Sampler, Part 4

Now here is the fourth posting about my current sampler, which is the fifth one I started. Here you can read a bit about my sampler project. By clicking here or on the sampler5 tag on any post belonging to it, you can see all the posts about this sampler. In this piece, I show flowers made from detatched chain variations. Especially whipped long tail chain and beaded long tail chain which were TAST stitches. The  lines below the flowers are variants of feathered chain stitches, they are either used to couch another thread or whipped. piece of a sampler

Sampler, Part 2

So here is the next part of my sampler. You see chain stitches as lines and a row of feathered chain stitch. Next, there is field full of buttonhole wheels. The next lilac lines are back stitch variations. Then there is more feathered chain stitch and beaded feathered chain stitch.

These were stitches from Sharon’s challenge, take a stitch tuesday. The last line shows a variant of feathered chain stitch that is different from hers.

burrobhole wheels

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