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Tif 5 – crocheted doily finished

I’m sorry you didn’t read anything from me for long. Stuff like back pain, a cold and my job kept me from posting, and the few days I was well I went out to enjoy the nice weather. However, I did do a little bit of craft. I finished the hot pink doily. Well, here it is. The design is not that good, but I didn’t want it to grow too much more, so I finished off quickly. As you can see, I used a new thread that is slightly different, couldn’t get the original one any more.

I’ve also been to the botanical garden last weekend, but I’m not sure you want to see any more photographs.

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UFO Resolution

Sharon B has proposed her personal stash busting challenge. When I read that I thought “good idea, but I can’t be arsed to weight my stuff”. Well, at a second thought, I do have some stash but not really enough to worry me. Maybe a bit much knitting yarn and such, but it seves the purpose of clothing me, after all. But I do feel that the number of my UFO’s is spiralling out of control. I have a really haphazard working style in my free time, when no one tells me what I’m supposed to do. I should realy fix this. So here are my good intentions for this year in the UFO finishing, stash using and blogging department.

* I won’t buy any more knitting wool or yarn before I have finished at least 5 Projects using the stuff I already have (major repair jobs count)
* I won’t start any new crochet projects before I have finshed at least 5 UFOs in that departement
* I won’t start new embroidery projects that are not related to the Take it Further Callenge
* I will try my best to finish my embroidery UFOs when I’m not too busy with the new challenge
* I will keep painting, but I’m going to work on one painting at a time, avoiding the creation of paper or canvas UFOs
* typing the stuff I need to at my day job is more important than knitting or blogging, I will remember that when I get tendron problems
* Presents or comissions don’t count for any of these exept the last one, but I will try to avoid comissions now that I have a day job again

Sharon has identified the UFos she is going to work with. All you have to do to see my UFOs is go through my blog and have a look at all the unfinished stuff. Everything you didn’t see finished is still unfinished. I could never have resisted boasting about my finishes big deal. For Eye candy, I post one UFO here I haven’t shown before in the current state, and it is high on my priority list because it probably won’t take too much time to finish. It was my TAST piece for sheaf stitch and buttonhole weel.

one more UFO

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