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Friday two weeks ago, the night Paris happened, i was on a concert. Vredehammer, Vreid and Keep of Kalessin. Sadly, they had to play in front of less than 50 people, probably because Mötley Crüe were in town the same night.

But boy, was this a concert! Vredehammer, the opener, blew me away. The drummer was sorta out of sync for the first two songs, but then he found his rhythm and everything went great. They do melodic black metal, if this is a style. They were IMHO the best band of the evening and a real discovery. Like with many black metal bands, their stage acting was rather sparse, but they did interact. I loved their complex rhythms and melodic elements.

Here are two pics of Per Valla, their singer and guitar player. Like ever so often, I spent more time headbanging and enjoying the concert than trying to get good pics. Also, that was difficult despite the small venue because of the stage fog.



Next were Vreid. Nice enough, techically perfect and just agressive enough, but for me, somehow lacking. I think their songs sound too much the same.

Then, along came Keep of Kalessin. They do a mix of death and black metal with melodic and progressive elements. Life they were even more agressive and in your face than on CD. They interacted with the audience a lot and everybody went crazy, and so did I. They acted as enrgetically and professionally as if they were playing in front of thousands, and after the concert, they shook everyone’s hands and thanked us for the party. Thank you guys, you were great!

The pics show Singer Thebon, too bad my pics of other band members didn’t work. Darn stage fog!






I spontaneously started stitching this after the plane crash at Egypt. It is not yet done, and is supposed to be accompanied by some plea to Sobek, Egypts most ancient god of fertility and protection. I have not yet decided on the final text. I know, probably not nice, and not a good idea, but sometimes my thoughts need a way out.

Now, after Paris, I seem to have no more stitches.

The things some right wing politicians and their followers say in public make me just as sad and furious. This won’t help.

The fact that most of the perpetrators grew up in Europe, and became what they are right next door, desperate about our own latent (or not so latent) xenophobia, makes it so much worse.

Stitch Sunday – Break, in Order to Do it Better

Well, during the last weeks, I felt my Stitch Sunday post are becoming uninspiring. I still have enough ideas, the chain stitch family I’ve been at is almost inexhaustible, but I feel I need to order my thoughts and write a more useful program. So I’ll take my time to do this, and then resume stitch Sunday posts.
Well, at least I have done some leisure stitching that helped me relax after work, so you’ll get to see some eye candy soon.

Stitch Sunday – Break

I am sorry, this has to be a break week again. I still have too many stitching projects, a lot of work at my day job and I need to knit something.

Stitch Sunday 11 – Roman Stitch (or just Stacked Fly Stitch)

Jet another Sunday. I know I have been lazy about posting these days, I have a helluva time at work, everyone except me seems to be on vacation, and there is a big construction site on the railway I have to take to work, causing a lot of annoyances. Also, I am in the process of switching to a new laptop.

So today’s stitch is usually called roman stitch, it is used both in conventional surface embroidery and in needlepoint on canvas. However, it is really just stacked fly stitches. it is usually worked by doing the loop first and then tacking it down, because the tacking stitch needs to be as small as possible. Some books classify roman stitch as a kind of couching, but I think it is so done like fly stitch, and true couching should require more than one tacking stitch in most places to hold down one thread. However, this stitch is a good example for how there is a limited number of ways to construct stitches, but endless possibilities for variation and specialized usage.

Here I show how to use this stitch to do a conventional leaf.  It is supposed to be a rose leaf, and those are serrated. So I make stitches of differing length to hint at this. For non-serrated leaves, you can stitch a back stitch outline first to make sure you get it right.

First, do a very close fly stitch at the top of the leaf, almost a detatched chain stitch.


Do the next fly stitch putting the loop next to the loop part of the first, come up for the tacking stitch where the last tacking stitch ended. Make the new tacking stitch straight and small. Remember the tacking stitches will form the midline of the leaf.


Add more fly stitches in the same way.


Continue until the leaf (or part of a leaf) is finished. Sometimes you will need to add a few straight stitches at the bottom to get the right shape.


Back Home

I am back home, trying to adjust to normal life again. I have been at summer breeze, a metal festival for roughly 35000 people, tuesday to sunday 🙂 and enjoyed it so much. For me this is the best way to just stop worrying and have some serious fun. I’m still so happy, and busy telling my intestines they are supposed to consume real food, not canned ravioli, beer and energy drinks. You will read more about the festival in due course, but may be not right here. I have another week off work, and I will do some stitching and take a few pics more appropriate for this blog 😉

heavy metal

Stitch Sunday – Break

It is summer, at my day job things are insane because too many are on vacation, and I am busy packing for my own vacation. Also, there still seem to be no real takers for my challenge. So this week and the next will be break weeks. It is too hot to stitch anyway, and the most creative thing I did this week was a big glass of ice coffee. I will continue the challenge when I’m back, promised.


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