All About Needleweaving

Recently I have written lots about needleweaving, both as embroidry stitch and as proper weaving on improvised looms, and there are more postings to come. For the sake of clarity, I’m collecting them here rather than on the turorials page, which would probably get hopelessly crowded.

Disclaimer: I’m entirely self-taught both about weaving and embroidery. I have never woven on a proper loom. What i write here are the results of reading a lot of websites and just figuring things out on my own.

The big tutorial series: freestyle needleweaving on improvised looms

Part 1: constructing and using a pin loom, basic weaving
Part 2: Constructing and using a needlelace-style cardboard loom
Part 3: How to weave in multible colours tapestry-style
Part 4: How to use chain stitches in weaving
Part 5: Soumak weaving
Part 6: Going wild: circular weaving, warp going in different directions

Tutorials and stuff about needleweaving as an embroidery technique
Needleweaving on coconut fiber background

Showing off: My finished needlewoven pieces
Patches of mud
Dollhouse tapestry
Dollhouse tapestry using non-straight warp

Useful external links The definite resource on vintage carpets and other forms of ethnic weaving is the definite online resource on twill patterns
Diana Kirkpatrickis a jewelry artist who has made extensive use of a pin loom to produce textile jewelry

External links to tutorials
Basic weaving on an improvised loom at Etsy
Soumak weaving for beginners by Gleason’s Fine Woolies
Constructing a very simple cardboard loom by Diane Gilleland
How to make woven jewelry on a pin loom by Diana Kirkpatrick
how to make a simple production loom complete with heddles By Marla Mallett

External links to needleweaving as an embroidery technique tutorials:
Stitching pink carnations in needleweaving by Shelley from mermaidspurse
Woven Trellis Stitch tutorial by Sharon Bogon
Woven and Whipped Weel Tutorial by Fat Quarter.
Needlewoven Pumpkin by Fat Quarter.

You have written something useful about weaving or needleweaving embroidery stitches and want to see it linked here? Just comment here or mail me, I’ll probably be happy to add it.

You want my (deep) link to your site removed? no problem either, just tell me and I’ll do it, promised.


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