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Wordless Wednesday – Ivy



Wordless Wednesday – Find the Frog




Two weeks ago I had a beautiful trip to the Alpes. ( that’s only a two hour drive from my place!) I was hunting orchids with my cam. Most of them did not jet bloom but I did get some rare early bloomers you don’t see when it is usually orchid time, which should be the next two weeks or so. I had the great luck that good weather and Saturday coincided. The place we went to is known for the orchids and quite a tourist spot because of this, but the good thing is there are fenced off paths, and security guys who make sure that no one digs them up, so no bad conscience for disturbing nature involved. The info stall was also helpful. So I was glad about this place (google Vorderhornbach, Austria), although usually I prefer to be alone with nature.

The first one is a fly orchid (Ophrys insectifera) German Fliegenragwurz.

This one got its name because it is polliated by masquerading, in form and smell, as a fly and has flys come and try to mate with it! the smell doesn’t really smell for human noses.


The next one is (I think) Cephalanthera longifolia, the sword-leaved Heleborine, German langblättriges Waldvögelein. It can easiely be confused with other white-flowered Cephalanthera species. It is said to be rare, but can be found in many places round here.


Close up of the flower:


The last one is Cypripedium calceolus , the ladies’slipper orchid, German Frauenschuh. It is by far the European orchid with the biggest flowers, and one of the most spectacular European wildflowers. It is rare, both because of thieves transferring it to their own gardens (which rarely works) and because it needs a special kind of bee (sand bees) to polinate it, which is also rare. I’ve never really seen those before, so I went wild with my cam.




Wordless Wednesday – Cherry Blossoms


Wordless Wednesday – Light






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Wordless Wednesday – Landscape Next Door to Me




This Flower Made my Day

Cannot even say why, but seeing this yucca flower in a roadside ornamental planting made my day. Did you know they grow for years, the bloom once in such splendour then die? Of course, there are always young ones who remain.

Whimsical Photographs

If you’re looking really close, faerie is never far away…

Critters of the Week

I’ve not got that much new stuff to show, so here are a few pics I took during the last two weeks, dokumenting the creatures I chanced upon.

A rather battered butterfly, maybe that also was the reason why the poor thing ignored me while eating, allowing me closeup photographs. It was tiny, only about 2 cm, the pic is enlarged 2fold.


This is a spider, it was so satisfied with the world that it didn’t bother to eat that other bug.


I met this pidgeon at Munich main station. Isn’t he beautiful?


This dragonfly hatched at the garden pond, we took it inside to dry and learn how to fly so that the sparrows won’t ear it.


The last one is a male bee (I think). I saw it late in the evening, on my way home, so it was cold and slow so that I could photograph it close up.


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