Sketch and Knitting

I just keep doing what I do…

This time, I’m knitting no socks but a fingerless mitts/scharf set. The are “Merletto” pattern from The scharf is an improvised bias knit triangle with the merletto pattern. Maybe more on that when it’s finished. I want something that keeps me warm but is not looking like i’m wrapping myself for deepest winter.

Last weekend would have been sketch crawl. I had family visiting and was exhausted from a hard week at work, so I didn’t make it there. I did a little sketch anyway. It is a charcoal sketch illuminated with watercolours. I realized again how much I love natural chacoal. I will have to do more of that.

One response to “Sketch and Knitting

  • cat

    I just love the opening line to this post. Such wisdom and humility and simplicity is contained within that statement – and it made me laugh. Yep…that’s the only way to go really, isn’t it.

    Your knitting looks fantastic – love the colour and the bias cables.

    The sketch is wonderful too. I love working with charcoal too – it’s kind of instantly expressive. I love the movement upwards in this picture…like flames. Beautiful.


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