I love knittting socks, and I’ve done a lot of them over the last year. So I show you socks today.

The first picture shows the heap of baby/young child socks I have done during winter. Most went to aquaintances or coworkers who got new babies.

These two pairs of socks were knit for the newborn of a coworker. I hope they keep the little one warm. Pink is the mother’s favourite colour, and she told us upfront it was going to be a girl.

This is the heap of baby/child socks I knit the last two or three months. Again for relatives and aquaitances with little ones.

This is the first sock on one of the pairs for me I currently work on. The safety pin holds a lost stitch which I will secure when the sock is done. I only saw the lost stitch a few row above it so I fudged a new one instead of working this one up through the cables. I’m not going into all the other adult socks I knit because you want only so many pics in one posting.


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