I’m Still There

I’m sorry for the long blogging break. I’m especially sorry if I scared anybody. I’m reasonably well, but life kept getting in the way. Also, my bad shoulder has somewhat healed and now that I can do it again I’m absolutely, totally addicted to knitting. If you are on ravelry.com, search for tenar72 there.

Still, I’m missing the blogging world and want to be back. Maybe never as regular as before, but I’ll try. And I won’t preasure myself to do things I don’t feel like just for the sake of blogging about them, so it may well be some time until there’s stitching again. But there will be.

For now, just some random pics about what’s on my needles.

These random parts will be a frog one day. Note to self: knitted amigurumi are not the right project for learning short rows and kitchener stitch. There’s just too much of it, and it’s my first time doing both.

The next is an arm of the sweater I’m currently knitting. Yes, my camera is out of order again, so no better pics.

Two pairs on baby socks. there are more socks in the works, so I guess you’ll see a sock special here soon.


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