TAST5 chevron stitch

OK, this is yet anothersampler done for take a stitch tuesday , Sharon B’s embroidery challenge. This time, it’s chevron stitch . I knew this stitch before, but didn’t particularly enjoy it and never used it creatively.

On the one hand, I couldn’t think of anything to do with it exept a somewhat traditional band sampler, on the other hand I didn’t feel like doing one because I don’t really enjoy counted work ( exept when it gives me opportunity to draw threads out and do lacy stuff). So I tried to show my disgust in the colour sheme. It turned out way too nice imho. The countable fabric is a leftover from an abandoned crochet project, the rest is random scraps attached with needlefelting and crochet.

The drawn thread border at the top is from a German needlework brochure. I don’t think chevron stitch works particularly well as a drawn thread stitch because it tends to loose shape when pulled hard enough to form nice thread bundles.

tast chefron stitch sampler

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