TAST – running stitch

This week’s TAST stitch is running stitch. The easiest stitch of them all, and maybe the one with the most possible variations.

Others have posted long explanations about the running stitch embroidery traditions of various cultures, do go to Sharon’s blog and look at the postings of all those people. I show old stuff again, but this time lots of it. A sorry to those who know my blog and know these pics. Life is keeping me busy these days.

The fist shows a modern variation of kantha stitching. Kantha is an Indian form of stitching, it consists of many running stitches, sometimes used similar to quilting. Here the stitching was done over painted bondaweb between cotton and poly organza.


The next is a sample of pattern darning as used in european embroidery. It is also called diaper stitching because it was sometimes used to hold the layers of diapers together to give them enough volume for their purpose.

pattern darning

The next one shows a piece made mostly from manmade fabric and thread, stitched kantha like and then treated with a heat gun. The two links go to postings about this piece with more information.
<a href="https://tenar72.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/another-melting-experiment-with-panne-velvetand-lutradur/"melting experiment with lutradur
detail pics of the same project

my brick wall embroidery

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