Flickr Mania

So I spend some time idly surfing around on the inet instead of stitching ;-). Sorry for leading you astray either.

I found an interesting blog, it is basically another hub for all things needlework, and stitches. the owner is dutch and stress seems to be on the local scene, but it is in English and worth a look for everyone. it is called and stitches

That aside, I spend a lazy evening idling on flickr and enjoying the eye candy.

Michelle Kingdom has beautiful realistic stitchery, and some of the pics really cracked me up.

Nutnhoney has more domestic, but likewise beautiful stitched pieces.

Pumora offers well-done surface embroidery, knitting, and photographs of super-sweet quail chicken!

Anna Scott does really yummy stump work and crewel, and knows how to make best use of her cam, obviously.

Daisy Fraser shows us some more surface embroidery and quilts.

Flaming Nora seems to do just about anything textile related, and her flickr is visually pleasing as a whole.

The flickr of Jules is worthwhile because of their photography alone, and there also is some very diverse and interesting embroidery.

Audrey B is another crafter extraordinaire, and she concentrates on needlework pics for the most part.

Annet of fat quarter blog fame uploads all her pics to her Flickr, so you can see her work in one place in all its glory.

Monika Kinner-Whalen is another needlewoman inspired by nature.

Follow the white bunny shows you whimsy at its best. the name alone is priceless and a good hint at what to expect.

One response to “Flickr Mania

  • jowynn

    It’s great to be in touch again. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts. The feather chain stitch is lovely. I’m now using Sharon’s course “Sumptuous Surfaces” for inspiration.


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