Sketchcrawl Addenum: Goldwork and a Hamster

Jen, one of the participants of sketchcraw, claimed she has never seen a dwarf hamster. Here is a pic of one of my robos (Phodopus roborovskii), with an Euro for size. It didn’t turn pout that cute because the little beast was rather uncooperative. She ended up running away and I had to hunt her for half an hour. Sorry that this took a while Jen, but she so doesn’t like to stay in one place, and much less when she’s supposed to.

And for the sake of extra cuteness, shy 6 weeks old robo babies (thy’re long since grown up)

At the Marstallmuseum where we went for drawing there was a lot of horse gear with gorgeous goldwork. Sadly I had forgotten my camera, but someone took three pics for me. Goldwork is not on my current list of things to try, but I do find it looks fascinating. It think these pieces are from the second half of the 19th century. One day I’ll have to go back there to find out more (and plaque you with more pics).

By the way, recently there had been a very good article series about gold work on, part I of III is here, you get to the next parts from there.

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