Embroidery and Sketches

This is a little bit of embroidery I started some time ago when I was researching sacred geometry, and geometry in general a bit. It’s two intertwined Triskeles. It is done in shadow work using 3 strands of Anchor embroidery floss on orange poly organza. I did it using this method.

I finished it this weekend. No idea what to do with it, I guess it goes back into the bits and pieces box for now.

I know there’s too little fiber content on my blog these days, but hey, stitching takes time. Sometimes too much time for me. Also, I’m in good health now and want to go out more. This weekend’s outing took me to an exhibition of life insects. I did a sketch of a big spider and a scorpion. They were done both on sunday, I was just kinda confused about the date.

They were done in watercolours with my trusted pentel waterbrush without a preliminary drawing. And no I still don’t have black in my fpaintbox. Seems I’m learning to do without it.


3 responses to “Embroidery and Sketches

  • Elmsley Rose

    I know what it’s like to feel guilty for being able to do *more* than embroider, coz health is better. There is so much loyalty to the embroidery (or other low level activities) because you need them so much when you are less well.

    But celebrate that you can get out there!!! Embroidery isn’t going anywhere!

    (I have M.E., Fibro and 9 other conditions myself)

    Love the Geometry. Would really love to do one (a Celtic pattern) but reckon I’d go nuts with all the neat tedious stitching. A friend did me one – in cross stitch, and his tail was a Knot.


  • Walden

    Absolutely love the stitching! It looks great!

    The paintings are nice, I especially like the spider.


  • cat

    That’s a beautiful piece of embroidery. I’ve never tried shadow embroidery – it looks so precise! I find myself frustrated at how much time embroidery takes sometimes and wish I could be cool with the “slow thread” idea.

    I love your spider too!


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