Some more Worms

So I stitched two more worms to try some more things.

The fist one I stitched using pear cotton #5 either. I was planning to make it a really fat grub without taqper, but didn’t quite succeed. I had to add a few extra threads at the border in the middle of its fat belly.- I tried to make the stem stitches longer by leaving more space between the Foundation stitches, not sure this works better.


The last worm was done using stranded cotton floss – all six strands as they come off the skein – I think this works even better than pearl cotton.


Now here is the backside of one worm. This is what really worries me about this stitch – What to do with all these loose ends? The thing would get rather bulky if I weave them all in securely. In this project, the solution will be glue. What do you do about all the loose ends?


One last thing I learned about casalguidi stitch: If you have done a bulky “worm” and have trouble doing the last few rows of stem stitch because it is so high, just take the fabric out of the hoop- This will make it easier, and the whole thing is too big now to be ruined by a row or two with less than perfect tension.



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